Optimize data management, ensure regulatory compliance and increase sales through pharmacy intelligence.

In the pharmaceutical space, the total cost of launching a new product has increased five-fold since the 70s. Apart from expensive product recalls, the industry's R&D expenditure has grown over 25 times in the same period while R&D productivity has fallen.

Increasing regulatory pressures are compressing the window of time available to market a drug and recover investments. However, the global demand for drugs continues to rise.

Introducing Lorven’s Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lorven provides solutions that help pharmaceutical companies increase productivity, R&D collaboration and cooperation while outsourcing their non-core functions.

IoT Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Application Development Solutions

Data Analytics and Visualization

IT Consulting & Staffing

Key Features

Clinical data management

Pharmacovigilance and drug safety monitoring

Supply chain management

Regulatory compliance

Sales force productivity

Interactive training

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